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Unlock growth for your brands with Tsquared digital insights

Survey research is reaching its limits. Tsquared provides breakthrough big data capabilities based on search engines, e-commerce, and web consumer behaviors helping clients to unlock growth.
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18 multinational clients, growing fast

23 geographies covered across 4 continents

Using 5.2 Billion daily internet searches

“Tsquared brings a new methodology that allows us to explore territories we could not before. Overall strong added value and actionable findings.” – Consumer Insights manager, Europe, Leading Food company


Surveys are reaching their limits

As we saw in the 2016 US Presidential Elections, declarative responses are not always reliable as many respondents provide “socially desirable” answers, and decisions are mostly driven by subconscious forces. Furthermore, survey respondents have shrinking attention spans to devote to traditional questionnaires. Tsquared provides non-intrusive, behavioral research unlocking  deep consumer insights.

Why digital

Unlock your brand’s growth potential

Unlocking growth potential requires fast understanding of emerging trends relevant to your audience so that white spaces are addressed before competition. It also demands generating high consumer engagement with micro-segmented content aligned with your target segments profiles and affinities.

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Brand growth with Tsquared

Dollar efficiency with Tsquared media capabilities

Increase the efficiency of your advertising

Attitudinal segmentations are difficult to translate into online and offline media buying, which traditionally uses socio-demographic segmentations. Budgets are tight. Tsquared helps maximize your brand ROAS by unlocking the media preferences (TV, print, social media, online, etc.) of your key target segments with almost unlimited granularity. So you increase ROI.

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Integrate capabilities internally

Insights can travel slowly in a large organization. With so much big data available, consumer insights need to be immediately actionable. Beyond ad-hoc studies, Tsquared helps you build capabilities and tools integrating key data into your decision processes: what are the emerging interests of your target segments, which influencers are trending, where should they be reached online & offline, how is the market segmentation evolving?

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“Tsquared is able to directly tie back results to our business which ensures that we are better equipped to drive the business forward.” – Consumer Intelligence manager, USA, Leading Food & Beverage company