Reinventing consumer insights

Tsquared’s mission is to deliver the most in-depth and actionable online consumer behavior insights

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Building the future of digital insights


Tsquared’s vision is to help reinvent consumer insights for the digital era. Whether it is because of shrinking attention span, increasing media fragmentation, the ubiquity of data, or concerns with traditional insights approaches, it is time for a major evolution.

All about results

Tsquared creates insights that empower marketing, e-business and insights teams to make better digital decisions and produce greater results.

Tsquared is one of the fastest growing digital insights company.

Everyone at Tsquared is dedicated to customers’ success and determined to empower clients with more powerful insights everyday.


Our values

Our word and hard work over everything else. We believe in working together with an open mind to achieve an ambitious vision.
Tsquared endeavors to deliver more value than clients expect and achieve excellence in everything we do.
Tsquared’s team members are empowered to spark change. They are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving with strong passion for what they do.

Talent is at the centre of everything we do

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We have assembled a great team

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