Uncover the digital journey of shoppers across search, sites and e-retailers

Gain deep insights into each of your consumers’ searches, clicks and e-purchases, discover what impacts every stage of their online journey, and drive sales with more precise action.

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of in-store sales are influenced by the online consumer journey
(Deloitte, 2018)

Do you know the digital journey that consumers take before purchasing from you?

From search to purchase and every step in between


Go beyond socio-demographic insights

Augment your segmentation with Tsquared’s 360 degree digital profiling solution based on consumers propensity to click or buy. Gain a far greater level of insights than socio-demographics alone: interests, TV channels, influencers, brands affinity, top 100 blogs, key retailers and more. Start leveraging Tsquared’s advanced audience profiling and reach consumers with more compelling stories to achieve optimum results.

Profiling insights activation

  • Shift from a broad to a micro- segmented approach
  • Understand what consumers do, buy, like or watch
  • Identify and target new segments


Stop guessing how your target consumers search

Keeping sight of what content consumers search and use as part of their buying decision journey can be challenging. By capturing all digital touchpoints, Tsquared gives you a complete view into what customers are searching for before becoming clients. Access high converting Google and e-retail keywords, topics, interests and product pages that consumers search and use to find, evaluate and buy your products.

Content and performance insights activation

  • Focus digital marketing budgets on the most critical keywords and content
  • Understand search and shopping behavior patterns at each stage of the journey
  • Reduce missed opportunities to connect with consumers


Understand precisely when to reach consumers

Do you know how long it takes for your consumers to complete their journey? Tsquared analyses exactly how much time consumers spend with you from their first search to the last point of their journey. Determine how quickly consumers convert and identify segments that go through the journey faster than others.

Timing insights activation

  • View your consumer journey per minute, day, week and month
  • Target consumers at the right time at each stage of the journey
  • Increase online sales by focusing on micro segments that convert faster


Uncover touch points that drive digital success

From brand consideration to conversion, gain full visibility and granularity on the paths that lead consumers to your products. Identify the exact touchpoints, brands, e-retailers or thematic websites visited. Measure their impact on your consumers’ path to purchase and identify the best opportunities to better connect with them.

Touchpoints and pathways insights activation

  • Assess what are the most typical starting and ending touchpoints
  • Pinpoint touch points that have the biggest impact on sales
  • Focus on the right online paths to purchase to have more visibility and generate more sales

Case Study:

Discovering the Who, What, When and Where of a leading fragrance brand

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“Tsquared brings a new methodology that allows us to explore territories we could not before. Overall strong added value and actionable findings.”

Global Head of Consumer Insights Leading Fragrance company

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