Access unprecedented e-retail search insights

Tsquared analyses the e-retail search and buying behavior of tens of millions of consumers to help you maximize search visibility and sales across all major e-retailers.

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of consumers click on the first product featured on an e-retail search page
(Millward Brown, 2018)

Is your brand optimized for the key e-retail search results?

All shoppers’ search across all e-retailers

Gain insights into your consumers’ e-retail searches and buying behavior across all e-retailers: Amazon, Tesco, Walmart, Zooplus, Douglas, Booking and many more.

Optimize better, rank higher and sell faster

Build your next winning e-retail strategy from the most granular e-retail search insights.

Keyword Insights

Unlock volume and rank for each keyword

Tsquared delivers unique insights into how consumers search for products on leading retailers such as Amazon, Leclerc, Walmart, Douglas, Zooplus and many more. Drill into your most relevant categories, identify keywords with the highest volume and assess your search visibility with unrivaled keywords ranking metrics.

Keyword insights activation

  • Discover keyword search volume trends across all leading e-retailers
  • Identify how consumer search trends differ across retailers and categories
  • Assess your product and competition search visibility

Keyword Impact

Boost sales with high converting keywords

Conversion is what matters in e-commerce. Tsquared provides the most accurate commercial intent behind each keyword. In no time you can optimize and align your product content with keywords that have the highest volume and impact on sales within your category. Rank higher, amplify sales and win more market shares for every high converting keyword.

Keyword impact activation

  • Execute multi-retailer optimizations with unparalleled speed and metrics
  • Optimize content with keywords that have a high impact on sales and drive higher ranking
  • Activate keywords to respond daily to product search rank changes


Keyword Monitoring

Strategize better with keyword monitoring

Tsquared continuously monitor your keyword and product performance across all e-retailers. Understand how often consumers search for your brand and assess your share of voice within your categories. Leverage these insights to design smarter keyword strategies and establish long term e-retail search visibility.

Keyword monitoring activation

  • Track your keyword conversion performance vs competition
  • Measure your share of voice for branded and unbranded keywords
  • Launch sponsored campaigns to defend or expend strategic digital shelf-space

Case Study:

Discover how a leading baby food brand ranked higher and increased sales by 26% on Amazon and Leclerc

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“Please include Tsquared in your eRetailer search strategy. Tsquared observational data is unique and new-to-the-world.”

Marketing E-commerce DirectorEurope, Leading Food company

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