Online market share – are you winning or losing?

Tsquared uncovers your digital performance by measuring your brand’s online market share across ecommerce in any country, retailer and category with unrivaled consistency and reliability.

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In 2021, e-retail sales will account for 18% of all retail sales worldwide, reaching $4.8 billion, compared to 12% in 2018.
(Statistica, 2018)

Are your online sales keeping up with e-commerce growth and competition?

Grow your market share across channels

Unlock all the insights you need to accurately measure how successful you are online and develop unique competitive strategies.

Track your online market share at the very granular level

Track brand volume and value share to accurately determine your digital performance compared to competition and drive impactful e-commerce actions.

Market share insights activation

  • Obtain volume, value share, volume share, growth metrics, and much more
  • Identify sales trends, strengths and weaknesses for each category or SKU
  • Prioritize e-commerce actions to drive success in your category

Understand who you are competing against

How well are you performing online against your competitors? Enabled by e-market share data, you can discover trends in consumers’ brand choices among competitors. Evaluate the competitive state of your e-commerce landscape. Identify early indicators of emerging opportunities and quickly respond to market changes.

Market share insights activation

  • Identify new growth areas
  • Understand where competitors are successful
  • Assess your e-market share vs competition

Connect your e-share with the journey of your consumers

Beyond market share results, connect these findings to your whole marketing activation plan. With one set of data, uncover the journeys that lead consumers to buy your brand or the competition. Understand whether your online market share results are different among specific target segments.

Activating beyond market shares

  • Target consumers that drive your online share
  • Deep dive easily into the reasons behind the results
  • Develop strong plans for winning online

Case Study:

Measuring the online market share of a premium male shaver brand

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“Tsquared e-market share solution gave us a much deeper understanding of our true digital performance and competition”

Head of Strategies and Consumer Insights Global US Pet Food company

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