Gain unprecedented visibility on the performance of your digital campaigns

Tsquared allows you to better optimize the effectiveness of your digital campaigns with unrivaled insights into what consumers do before, during and after interacting with your advertising.

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of FMCG organizations fail to deliver advertising campaigns to the right target
(Forbes Insights, 2018)

Are you targeting your most promising consumers?

Understand each advertising campaign on a deeper level


Laser focus your digital advertising

Successful marketing campaigns starts with identifying the right target personas. With Tsquared you can uncover insights into your consumers’ digital behavior, profile and searches to gain a better understanding of who your audience is before targeting it. Identify the right personas for your campaign and precisely reach them with a message that strongly resonates with their needs and entice actions towards your brand.

Marketing effectiveness insights activation

  • Build stronger and more precise target personas
  • Set precise targeting based on your audience digital behavior
  • Identify new marketing channels and broaden horizons for audience reach


Prove the effectiveness of your campaign with deeper insights

Once launched, Tsquared brings full transparency on how consumers interact with your campaign. Understand the main channels that generate clicks on your advertising and discover the full profile of consumers who engage with your campaign. Identify what’s working and what is not using Tsquared’s most granular insights to achieve your brand objectives.

Marketing effectiveness insights activation

  • Create Google LLAs (Lookalike Audiences) of clickers that convert and amplify ROAS
  • Adapt and enhance creatives based on where consumers click on your ads
  • Shift marketing spend on sites generating higher engagement for your advertising


Measure the behavioral results of your campaign

What happens after your audience click on your advert? Tsquared’s digital capabilities are able to capture consumers’ next actions after clicking on your campaign: New searches and keywords activities, visited sites, product viewed or added to basket and many more. Activate these insights to set more impactful digital advertising strategies and increase marketing ROI like never before.

Marketing effectiveness insights activation

  • Understand the effect of your campaign on consumers’ search
  • Determine how each channel contributes to your campaign goals
  • Quantify campaign impact from consideration to purchase

Case Study:

Discover how a $6.1 billion global home appliance manufacturer drove marketing budget savings with Tsquared

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“Thanks to Tsquared we could understand, for the first time, the impact and effectiveness of our digital campaigns on key e-commerce sites to take more impactful digital advertising actions.”

Head of digital marketingLeading Electronics company

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