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Tsquared empowers brands to capitalize on ongoing and emerging trends. Detect unmet needs and make better decisions faster.

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of today’s leading companies did not exist 10 years ago.
(Milfordasset, 2018)

Are you keeping up with your consumers’ needs?

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Predict future trends and needs. Shape your industry with innovative products, unique brand positioning and thought leading content at the speed of digital.

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Consumer Trends

Understand what consumers want next

Consumer preferences are constantly changing. To stay ahead, Tsquared empowers you with forward-looking views of consumers’ attitudes. Whether it is new flavors, ingredients or health trends, connect the dots between trends and consumers profiles, interests, their purchase activities and much more. Identify trends that are just noise and capitalize on the ones that really matter before it is too late.

Consumer trend insights activation

  • Anticipate changes in category dynamics before the competition
  • Identify unmet needs and drive innovation to increase commercial traction
  • Understand (new) needs that drive (future) shopper behaviors

Brand Mapping

Read the consumer’s mind with brand mapping

In a fast moving digital landscape, understanding where your brand stands is vital. Tsquared maps your digital landscape by connecting your brand and competitors’ positionings with digital consumer behaviors and business outcomes. From their first search all the way to purchase and every steps in between. Truly understand how consumers perceive your brand compared to competition, determine a desired market position and focus resources to seize new opportunities.

Brand mapping insights activation

  • Adjust or reinforce your current brand positioning based on actual behaviors
  • Identify key content associated with your brand to create more compelling brand stories and maximize differentiation
  • Discover and activate key drivers for brand consideration, evaluation & purchase (intent)

Case Study:

Uncovering consumer’s appetite for new diets

Discover how a leading food company used Tsquared to spot fast and growing diet trends

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“It’s unprecedented to be able to understand, using large data sets, the effects that diets have on purchase consideration”

Director Consumer Insights US, Leading Flour Supplier

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